The Real Estate Translator (REX) Application

In 2002, the National Association of Realtors® created the concept of IDX to allow their brokers access to their listing information electronically. This gave brokers the ability to download the listings available in the MLS electronically to use for advertising purposes.

Along comes REX. REX allows you to download all listings available from your MLS and create a database feed for Interactive Tools' Realty Manager, a completely customizable front end for searching and viewing Real Estate listings.

This unbeatable combination allows you to deliver a web-based Real Estate application to your customers' desktops no matter where they are! You give them the name of your website, and they can find the house they're looking for. Once they're satisfied, they e-mail you and let you know they want to set up an appointment.

REX single-handedly gives you the ability to not only obtain, but keep your customers with you. REX is the silver bullet of Real Estate solutions.

But What about is great, but it doesn't meet all of your needs.

First, never shows up in any search engine. The pages that are created from rex are designed as a magnet for search engines to bring customers to you from Google® Hotbot® or any other portal site on the planet.

Second, is created to bring traffic to the listing agent. This is great for your listings, but what about the buyers you want to sell properties listed by someone else?

By keeping them on your website, the customers keep coming back to you for their information, and, hopefully, to you when they're ready to buy.

The Perfect Solution

Only REX provides you with the combination of speed, ease of use, and flexibility to give you the website that means success for your Real Estate business. Current retail price for a license is only $299 US.


Here are some websites that are running the rex application.

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